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September 5, 2017

I have known about Lisa and her business for nearly 2 years and have
been exceptionally impressed. The course is run brilliantly, super
organised from a parent’s point of view but from the kids’ view point
it’s a cool place to go and to learn. My son is not keen on school or
formal education and often struggles to maintain focus or interest in
what he’s doing. I can honestly say that theย  Rock Project is the only
activity that he has stuck with and continued to enjoy. I think this
speaks volumes for the way Lisa runs the group. She has struck the
right balance between control and discipline, and creativity and fun.
The end of year performance is a joy, so many young kids (many quite
lively personalities) all focused and motivated to deliver a great

The art of doing a job well is to make it look easy. I know there is a
lot of hard work and planning that goes into making this business a
success, but as a user of the service it feels like a lot of people
getting together and just having fun.