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September 5, 2017

exploring social media… we all do it every day! But when I came across an advert from The Rock Project, it stopped me in my tracks, I sat back in my chair and relaxed – at last- an out of school activity that did not involve sport! at last… someone was exploring the ‘holistic’ child…. something different was being offered! As a mum, i am biased…. I have the most amazing children – children that do not conform to the ‘normality’ of children. Children who I dont push to run around a pitch kicking a ball, or who need to be yelled at to do their homework! I have children who finish their homework on the school bus, so that by the time they get home, they can pick up their drum sticks, their guitar, the Viola or violin, or are able to sit at the piano and learn something new! I need to be able to offer my children a different experience. Something that doesnt conform to the ‘average’ child – something that takes a child’s soul into consideration!! And here we are, nearly a year later.. with both my children now attending the rock project – one on guitar and the other on drums – the rock project has been a blessing in our house. With a musically gifted child, and another on the path of self exploration, the rock project has provided my children (aged 12 and 9 years) with an amazing opportunity to explore their musical capabilities and potential. It has helped both of them to make friends with other like-minded children, it has allowed them to build their confidence in so many ways – from the art of playing a musical instrument to being involved in group music work. My youngest has changed a huge amount since joining the rock project. Yes… his instrument playing abilities have improved a great deal, but more importantly, his confidence has soared, he believes in himself and his abilities a great deal more than he ever has done and It has allowed him and his sister to develop a closer, stronger relationship than ever before – the rock project has achieved more for my children than any other activity we have ever been involved in and I thank everyone involved immensely! My children look forward to every session and always return to me with a huge smiles on their faces. The staff are great with the children and are very approachable from a parents perspective. As I get older, I become more wary of life, more aware of the incompetences of society and more sceptical about the outcomes we can hope for our children. It takes a lot for the world to impress me… but the rock project has without a doubt, impressed me, and I regularly recommend the rock project within both my personal life and my professional life. The obvious hard work, dedication, effort and enjoyment that is put into every session is evident in my children’s love for the group. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart!