All our tutors are experienced musicians and passionate about music, they are performers, recording artists, session musicians and university graduates. With that sort of background they have the knowledge not only to teach music but to get you performing confidently.


Lisa – Guitar, Vocals, Classical Piano, Cornet and whatever else she can get a tune out of:

Lisa began playing classical piano at the age of 9, as an accomplished pianist the timing was perfect to transition into a rock keyboard player in the 80’s. She was a member of many club bands in the south of England, playing both covers and original material. She played in various gigs from open air festivals for the “British Motorcycle Association” (AKA “The Hells Angels”) to London’s “Epicentre of Rock”, The Marquee Club.  Lisa also worked as a session musician in studios such as “The Crypt” used by Annie Lennox & Dave Stewart as well as other London based studios. She is also an accomplished Guitarist, Flugelhorn & Cornet player – having played in regional brass bands.

Over the past few years Lisa has been more focused on her Guitar and working as a sound engineer at some major music & arts festivals. She is also the person that is bringing The Rock Project to Mid Wales, she says “The Rock Project is an exciting and fun way of learning – music has been a constant companion to me through life”

scott milner rock project tutorScott – Guitar, Drums, Vocals, Bass

I started having guitar lessons at the age of 9. I then started to enjoy it even more when I first heard albums like Dookie (Green Day) and Nevermind (Nirvana) as I realised I could play all the stuff I was listening to. At the age of 14 I started a band with friends just covering our favourite songs which were mainly songs by Blink or Green Day but then we started writing, recording and playing gigs around Wolverhampton/Birmingham.

At the age of 16 I went to college to study Popular Music however, half way through the term some friends I had known from playing gigs around Birmingham asked me if I’d play guitar in their band.

The band was called “The Fight”, signed to MCA/Geffen records and managed by a guy who used to be A&R for Blink 182. I decided this was an opportunity I couldn’t miss. For the next 5 years or so I was living out my dreams – touring the USA, Europe, UK and even Japan. Playing shows with bands I was idolising only a few years before. Getting to record albums and making music videos was also pretty fun!

My fondest memories are playing on Warped Tour in the US whilst Travis Barker and Tim Armstrong both watched us from the side of the stage, recording a live session for Radio One at Maeda Vale Studios and playing to 12,000 people in Paris.

During the years I spent constantly being surrounded by musicians and instruments I was able to learn drums, I have always been able to sing but found that over the years my vocals have also improved from being taught various techniques.

gareth guitar tutor ShrewsburyGareth (Sonic) – Guitar








Adrian Drum tutor shrewsburyAdrian – Drums, Vocals, Guitar, Percussion

Adrian is a self taught drummer and percussionist with over 45 years experience of playing in bands, teaching and mentoring young bands in all aspects of playing and stage craft. He has 1 drum kit, 4 guitars a huge van full of percussion and says that one of his favourite instruments to work with is the voice.

He had some amazing early influences from older brothers that were in bands cranking out Santana, Cream & Hendrix and older sisters that crossed into Motown and Soul. These early influences have left Adrian with a vast range of inner beats to draw on&  more recently hes been listening to Pink, Blur, RHCP & still Santana. Keeping bang up to date he still attends as many local festivals and music events that he can and enjoys the younger bands like Fight the Bear (who used to practice in his front room).

Biggest claims to fame: in his 20’s he played in a band with Robert Plant. Has played to over 10,000 people at a football stadium.

Its takes 20 seconds to do his hair.

In the Gig Bag: Sticks, Brushes, Gaffa Tape, Pineapple juice

His tip to new musicians: It doesn’t matter what else you play, learn to play the drums it will teach you about rhythm and timing.

Given a choice he would choose: Relentless, savoury, Drop D, Acoustic, New, Vinyl, Glastonbury, Analogue, Mustang

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