Welcome to The Rock Project Shrewsbury

The Rock Project is the UK’s premier school of rock and pop for young people aged 7-11 and 12-18 years old. Whether you are a complete beginner or you already play, our aim is to mentor you on either the guitar, bass guitar, drums or with singing lessons and to get you playing in bands and performing on stage at our rock concerts.

The days of learning a rock instrument and playing it on your own in your bedroom are gone. Join The Rock Project today and we will have you rocking out on stage in a band at our annual end of year concert where you can expect to perform in front of hundreds of people on stage.

What Happens In A Session?

One part of each session includes professional tuition in your chosen instrument or vocals, in groups of up to five students in separate rooms. Our tutors are DBS checked professionals currently gigging or working as session musicians for recording artists.

During the tuition you will learn a variety of rock and pop songs that you and your friends have suggested, ready to play together as a band later on in the session. Over time you will build up a set list of songs ready to perform.

As well as tuition is a more social time where the students will get together and perform the songs they have been learning in their tuition groups, eventually forming bands which will lead to various local gigs for some of our senior students.

This time also includes a music quiz suitable for each age group, and other group games focused around music for our juniors, so that the students have a chance to sit down and socialise some more.

When Do The Session Run?

The lessons run weekly in conjunction with school term times, for 2 hours per age group ( 7-11 & 12 -18)

Do I need my own instrument?

If you do not have your own instrument, we can provide one at no extra cost. We always provide drums to save you carrying your drum kit!
We recommend you obtain your own guitar/drums for practising at home once you have decided to pursue your instrument of choice.

How Do I Book?

There are no up front fees or minimum booking requirements. To book a place you need contact us by emailing or phone with the contact details on the top right.

For further information about The Rock Project and other schools across the UK please use this link http://www.therockproject.com